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All modern industry relies on the processing of plastics and elastomers, and this degree programme will foster your understanding of every step of the various processes involved in the production of these materials. You will come to know the world of polymers, including their development, production and use in practice. Additionally, in response to the ever-changing needs of industry, new highly specific polymers can be developed using the state-of-the-art facilities at the Faculty of Technology, for example nanocomposite materials, liquid crystals and intelligent polymers. This will look pretty good on an employment résumé, right?

Thanks to our many specialized field trips and excursions as well as our long-standing internship placement program, you will not only gain practical experience and expand your knowledge, but also meet potential employers. Our graduates in this field can find work in virtually any industrial production capacity. Countless former students of ours have become well-known experts in international companies around the world in industries such as plastics, rubber manufacturing, synthetic fiber production, the packaging industry, the production of coverings, coatings and paints, as well as in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aviation technology … Need we go on?

What courses can you look forward to?

  •         Natural Polymers
  •         Physical Chemistry
  •         Macromolecular Chemistry
  •         Polymer Fracture Behavior
  •         Process Engineering
  •         Biocompatible Materials
  •         Biochemistry
  •         Applied Biology and Cell Cultures
  •         Mold Design
  •         Structure and Characteristics of Solids

Where can you expect to find a job after your studies?

  •         in the plastics industry
  •         in the rubber industry
  •         in synthetic fiber manufacturing
  •         in coverings, coatings and paints production
  •         in mechanical engineering
  •         in electrical engineering
  •         in aviation technology

Mode of study: full-time / part-time

Faculties and departments