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It goes without saying that we encounter daily the cosmetics industry and its products. But what you may not know is that the manufacture of fat-based, detergent, household chemical, and even “car cosmetics” products is rapidly increasing. In short, everything taught here is indispensable, and not only because there are few university degree programmes of this kind in this part of Europe, with ours being the only one in the Czech Republic. The shortage of university departments of this kind provides a number of advantages worth considering, for example our graduates are highly prized in the labor market. You will receive comprehensive education in the natural sciences such as chemistry and mathematics, but we cannot forget instruction in cosmetics, aesthetics, styling, anatomy, economics as well as food culture. Students work daily in their own creative ways with Shea butter, essential oils and their own home-made cosmetics in our new well-equipped Application Center for Cosmetic Products and Biomaterials. This may sound like a fairy tale, but for you it can be a reality.

What courses can you look forward to?

  • General and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Human Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • General Microbiology
  • Production of Food Raw Materials
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Technology of Surfactants
  • Human Physiology
  • Dermatology
  • Cosmetics Tools and Ingredients
  • Rheology of Food and Cosmetics
  • Applied Biology and Cell Culture
  • Products of Consumer Chemistry

Where can you expect to find a job after your studies?

  • in the development of cosmetics products
  • in the distribution of hygiene products
  • in the evaluation and testing of cosmetics products
  • in biocosmetics
  • in the approval and introduction of new products
  • in cosmetics care and consultancy

Mode of study: full-time / part-time

Faculties and departments