Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Follow-Up Master’s Programmes



If you like to play, this graduate programme is for you. You will gain extensive hands-on experience using specialty computing devices that can measure any variable you can think of. With these skills you can assess all the approaches, processes and procedures required for the quality planning and management of industrial enterprises. In short, you will have the knowledge and experience to ensure smooth technical, production and operations of all kinds. You will acquire knowledge about product design, manufacturing technologies, programming, metrology, test and control methods, economics and, of course, process quality management and personal quality management. Are you up for it?

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Certification and Testing
  • Metrology for Quality Engineering
  • Unconventional Technologies
  • Methods of Quality Control
  • Production and Inspection of Tools
  • Technological Projecting
  • Technical Measurements
  • Polymer Materials Characterization
  • Production Processing Optimization

Where can you expect to find a job after your studies?

  • as a quality manager
  • in industrial enterprises
  • as a chief technical inspector
  • as a product inspector
  • as an auditor

Mode of study: full-time / part-time

Faculties and departments