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Follow-Up Master’s Programmes


TECHNOLOGY OF FAT, cosmetics and detergent PRODUCTION

You began to have a feeling of excellence during your Bachelor’s studies, so now we should remind you that our Master’s degree in this field is the only one offered in the Czech Republic or, for that matter, in this region of Europe. Today advanced skills and knowledge regarding the science of fat-based, detergent and cosmetics technology are in great demand, so you will not end up working a boring day job like so many of your classmates in the humanities. With this degree programme you will deepen your expertise in the chemistry and technology of fats, surfactants and proteins, along with the sensory evaluation and analysis of food and cosmetics, molecular biology, cosmetics and cosmetology, contaminants in food and cosmetics, human nutrition, business economics, management as well as marketing. That’s a pretty long list. Employers will be fighting each other for your services.

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Sensory Analysis of Cosmetics
  • Food and Cosmetic Microbiology
  • Chemistry and Technology of Fats
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Surfactants
  • Molecular Biology
  • Special Food Technology
  • Pharmacochemistry
  • Cosmetics and Cosmetology
  • Polymers in Cosmetics
  • Contaminants in Foods and Cosmetics
  • Dermal Pharmacology of Immunology

Where can you expect to find a job after your studies?

  • as a technologist
  • as a managing officer in the field of fat-based, detergents and cosmetics products
  • in research and development
  • as a manager in business organizations
  • as representative of a company within a given field
  • in government administration
  • as a food inspector

Mode of study: full-time / part-time

Faculties and departments