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Why Study at the FT?

Why Study at the FT?

Our degree programmes carry great significance and insure you a bright future

With us, you do not have to worry about leaving school in three or in five years with no idea of what to do with your newly acquired knowledge. While a technical specialization means a bit of math, it also means a bright future with both a well-paid job now as well as long term career prospects. Employers will grab you before you even finish writing your CV.

(By the way, don’t make the excuse that you are not so good at maths, physics and similar “scary” subjects. Free tutoring is readily available from classmates who have gone through the same subjects themselves and have become experts who you can rely on. And why do your classmates do this so well and even enjoy doing it? Because our greatest reward is to see you pass that exam!)

Science in practice firsthand

Doing science isn’t necessarily as hard as “rocket science” when you have a chance to try it out hands-on in the real world. We are not afraid to let you handle the most modern machines and to work closely with them – you are not here to stare through a glass partition. In addition, other options are available for you to gain practical experience and even make a bit of money doing it. Every summer we organize student internships to give you the opportunity to become actively involved in the investigations and research at the faculty. This year alone more than 100 students have been involved. So, what’s so great about that? First of all, it’s certainly better for your career and your ego than a summer job selling lemonade. And secondly, you can already begin engaging in the research that you will then use in your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, or even your future doctoral thesis. Pretty good, huh? The internships that we arrange for students in long established companies are simply a matter of course. That’s just the icing on the cake.

You are not just a number to us.

We know that the “individual approach” is a mantra thrown around by everyone, and nobody actually knows what it is. Well, we’ll show exactly what it means. OK, so since grammar school maybe you have been used to luxury; you have a cloakroom, you have a name, you have a background … But it’s not like that at university. In certain degree programmes you are always just hanging out in the auditorium with hundreds of other strangers, and you become a number instead of a name. It’s hard to even find a couple of friends, much less sympathy from a teacher. But at the FT we care about keeping you satisfied and we will do everything possible to help you enjoy your experiences here. We know our students, we listen to them and nobody here is playing games with them or giving them the runaround. We simply want you to get the most out of your time with us. We do not insist on formalities. We believe that a relaxed family atmosphere is the foundation of a good relationship and, that someday the FT will be the source of great memories for you. Yeah, and you get your locker too!

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