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Are you considering having the best semester ever?
Tomas Bata University in Zlin is the supreme place for your exchange adventure!

● What are the conditions of becoming an exchange student at UTB?

All international students can apply for short-term study at TBU either within Erasmus+ exchange programme or as freemovers within any other exchange programme. In case you are considering an exchange programme do not  forget that there has to be an Agreement between TBU and your home university.

● Would you prefer to come for a traineeship?

No problem. If you would like to come for practical traineeship, work in our modern labs, do research, you simply need to contact us via e-mail and explain your interest in a short motivational letter added to your CV. We will surely try to find a way to cooperate with you and add you to our team.

● How to apply?

Follow the steps in the Admission section for exchange students and for step-by-step assistance use our Manual for Incoming Exchange Students.

● What are the closing dates?

If you are planning your exchange program be aware of Deadlines for submitting your application. You can come either for the winter or summer semester.

WS = (September – January)
SS = (February – June)

● Can I choose my courses?

It goes without saying, your choice is the best choice. A few lines down below you can see a list of courses sorted by bachelor and master degrees. Each exchange student is expected to obtain 30 credits per semester and is allowed to freely choose which courses to take. The minimum is 15 credits per semester. Choose wisely, you will need to fill in your course choices on the application.

Winter Semester:
DepartmentCourse CodeCourse NameECTSLanguageType of Studies
Polymer Centre:
TCPMTE5ASApplied Spectroscopy4EnglishBachelor
TCPMTE5TAThermal Analysis of Materials3EnglishBachelor
TCPMTE5ZBBasics of Food Packaging4EnglishBachelor
TCPMTE7ARApplied Rheology5EnglishMaster
TCPMTE9EMElectromagnetic Properties of Materials4EnglishMaster
TCPMTE9REPlastics Recycling5EnglishMaster
TCPMTE9PZPolymers and the Environment4EnglishMaster
TCPMTE9NNNanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Plastics Application3EnglishMaster
Department of Polymer Engineering:
TUIPTE5PPNatural Polymers5EnglishBachelor
TUIPTE5PRProcess Engineering II7EnglishBachelor
TUIPTE5ZPPolymer Processing Engineering4EnglishBachelor
TUIPTE7POPlastics Packaging4EnglishMaster
TUIPTE7PPAdditives for Plastics4EnglishMaster
TUIPTE7PTPlastics Technology6EnglishMaster
TUIPTE7TPTechnology of Natural Polymers6EnglishMaster
TUIPTE9AMAdvanced Materials and Technologies4EnglishMaster
TUIPTE9PUSurface Modification and Adhesion5EnglishMaster
TUIPTEDPMaster Thesis*30EnglishMaster
Department of Physics and Materials Engineering:
TUFMITE3FPhysics II6EnglishBachelor
TUFMITE9SMSeparation Methods4EnglishMaster
Department of Chemistry:
TUCHTE3LOOrganic Chemistry Laboratory3EnglishBachelor
TUCHTE7MSMethods of Organic Materials Synthesis5EnglishMaster
Department of Production Engineering:
TUVITE3ZPBasics of Elasticity and Strength5EnglishBachelor
TUVITE7CAComputer Assisted Data Processing4EnglishMaster
TUVITE9F2Physics of Polymers II6EnglishMaster
Department of Environmental Protection Engineering:
TUIOZPTE3BCBiochemistry I4EnglishBachelor
TUIOZPTE5PBFood Microbiology5EnglishBachelor
TUIOZPTE7TVWater Technology7EnglishMaster
TUIOZPTE9EGEnvironmental Geology3EnglishMaster
Department of Food Analysis and Chemistry:
TUACHPTELPLaboratory Project4EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE1BGBasics of Biology4EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE5CPFood Chemistry3EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE5GTGastronomic Technology III5EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE7PUPrinciples of Food Preservation6EnglishMaster
TUACHPTEAAHFood Analysis and Evaluation6EnglishMaster
Department of Food Technology:
TUTPTE5TMTechnology of Milk and Dairy Products4EnglishBachelor
TUTPTE9FVPhysical Characteristics of Foodstuffs/Food2EnglishMaster
TUTPTE7TRFood Technology of Plant Foodstuffs I6EnglishMaster
TUTPTE7SPSensory Analysis of Food5EnglishMaster
TUTPTE7TZTechnology of Animal Food Production I5EnglishMaster
TUTPTE9SEFood Stabilisers and Emulsifiers4EnglishMaster
Department of Fat, Surfactant and Cosmetics Technology:
TUTTTKTE5CTChemistry and Technology of Fats I4EnglishBachelor
TUTTTKTE7T2Chemistry and Technology of Surface Active Agents II7EnglishMaster
Summer Semester:
DepartmentCourse CodeCourse NameECTSLanguageType of Studies
Polymer Centre:
TCPMTE6RERheology of Food and Cosmetics4EnglishBachelor
TCPMTE8FBPhysical Methods in Biomedicine3EnglishMaster
TCPMTE8KMComposite Materials4EnglishMaster
TCPMTE8KZInspection and Testing Methods5EnglishMaster
TCPMTE8PKNatural and Synthetic Polymer Composites7EnglishMaster
TCPMTEBPBachelor Thesis*10EnglishBachelor
Department of Polymer Engineering:
TUIPTE4PIProcess Engineering I7EnglishBachelor
TUIPTE6CHCharacterization of Polymers4EnglishBachelor
TUIPTE8APApplication of Natural Polymers5EnglishMaster
TUIPTE8GTRubber Technology6EnglishMaster
TUIPTE8M1Modelling of Polymer Processing I4EnglishMaster
TUIPTE8RJQuality Control4EnglishMaster
TUIPTE8SPPolymer Blends5EnglishMaster
TUIPTE8USFatigue and Ageing of Polymers5EnglishMaster
TUIPTEDPMaster Thesis*30EnglishMaster
Department of Physics and Materials Engineering:
TUFMITE2FPhysics I5EnglishBachelor
TUFMITE4FCPhysical Chemistry6EnglishBachelor
TUFMITE6MMMethods of Microscopy2EnglishBachelor
TUFMITE6NANonmetallic Materials4EnglishBachelor
TUFMITE8F1Polymer Physics I5EnglishMaster
Department of Chemistry:
TUCHTE8MCMedicinal Chemistry4EnglishMaster
TUCHTE8TATheory and Methods of Structural Analysis4EnglishMaster
Department of Production Engineering:
TUVITE6JMQuality and Metrology4EnglishBachelor
TUVITE8VKProperties of Composite Materials4EnglishMaster
Department of Environmental Protection Engineering:
TUIOZPTE4BCBiochemistry II4EnglishBachelor
TUIOZPTE4INInstrumental Analysis3EnglishBachelor
TUIOZPTE4SGIntroduction to Redevelopment Geology2EnglishBachelor
TUIOZPTE6VVPollutants Occurrence and Properties3EnglishBachelor
TUIOZPTE8BTBiotechnology for Environment Protection5EnglishMaster
Department of Food Analysis and Chemistry:
TUACHPTELPLaboratory Project4EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE2GTGastronomic Technology I3EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE2UBIntroduction to Biotechnology3EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE6ANFood Analysis6EnglishBachelor
TUACHPTE8NUNutraceutical Chemistry3EnglishMaster
Department of Food Technology:
TUTPTE4ZAThe Principles of Sensory Analysis3EnglishBachelor
TUTPTE8TRFood Technology of Plant Foodstuffs II4EnglishMaster
Department of Fat, Surfactant and Cosmetics Technology:
TUTTTKTE4CTChemistry and Technology of Surface Active Agents I2EnglishBachelor
TUTTTKTE6AHAnalysis and Evaluation of Fats and Cosmetics5EnglishBachelor
TUTTTKTE8TTChemistry and Technology of Lipids II6EnglishMaster
Language Centre:
CJVTE8AGRubber and Plastics Technology in English2EnglishMaster

ECTS credits = a student-centered credit system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a program of study.

* Bachelor or Master Thesis: exchange student should find the relevant supervisor and topic, which needs to be agreed before sending the Erasmus+ application documents.


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