Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Cooperation is our second name

Well no, it is not. That would be weird name. Faculty Cooperation of Technology… Meh. But! We definitely do cooperate often and gladly with businesses, industry as well as universities, foreign countries and secondary schools.

Do you need to test a new product? Explore a technological process? Process a component? Offer an internship to our students? Engage in teaching or workshops? Hit your target group? Overlook our spaces? Create something together? Or do you just want to talk about what we do and how can we meet your needs?

We do all of it and much more as we believe that cooperation at the scientific, academic and commercial level is meaningful to all of us.

We have divided our offer in two categories. In the Business section, we will outline specific opportunities for cooperation with the commercial and industrial sphere. Schools and our future students can learn and get inspired in several types of excursions and workshops, or head straight for an internship. Of course, we will not forget to mention our popular Science e-shop with lectures for schools.

Faculties and departments