Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Ph. D. Studies


Ph.D. students are examined in specialist subjects (see the list below) by Professors, Associate Professors or other highly regarded experts in the relevant fields. Examinations may be oral, written or combined and they may be based on a written piece of work submitted by the Ph.D. student.

Subjects within a Ph.D. programme include specialist subjects and a foreign language. Every Ph.D. student takes at least 3 examinations in specialist subjects related to the topic of his/her Ph.D. thesis and an examination in a foreign language.

Language teaching and learning is part of each Ph.D. programme. If the language teaching and learning takes the form of regular lessons taught at TBU, it is recorded in an individual study plan. Regular lessons are held as set in the study schedule for a given academic year. Specialist subjects within a Ph.D. programme are designed to provide a Ph.D. student with sufficient competence corresponding to the current state of knowledge in the field of their degree programme.

Student chooses at least 7 subjects, of which 2 compulsory subjects and 3 compulsory optional subjects. The number of other selected courses is selected by the student depending on the category of the course. Each additional chosen subject from the compulsory electives replaces two elective subjects. In addition to compulsory subjects, the compulsory Scientific Work and Dissertation Project is also a part of the study each year. The student passes all specified exams from subjects up to the middle of the study.

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