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Turning science into an adventure, sharing the excitement over natural sciences, showing that you don’t need to be a grind to create big things in our field. These are our missions that we try to spread over our audiences. Throughout the year we organize many events aimed to popularize science. Especially for secondary schools, we offer several possibilities of cooperation.


The natural sciences are definitely worth looking into. Our lecturers will surely convince you of this with their popular science lectures tailor-made to complement school classes and lessons in physics, biology, chemistry and technology. Teachers as well as secondary school students can arrange a particular course according to their specific wishes and needs via a simple web form. What’s more our lecturers will come to you, absolutely free of charge. Just choose a topic, or think of one of your own.

One statistic that demonstrates the success of this program is the fact that in less than half a year we have received more than 100 bookings! We couldn’t be more delighted.


How else could we persuade you that university life is the best, but by letting you experience it by yourself? The Department of Production Engineering FT TBU offers a unique opportunity to spend a real time among our students and professors. You will also attend various excursions in partner companies to get an idea of the future of our graduates and maybe your dream job. Hundreds of students who already went through this project can only recommend it! Will you be the next?


Who are we? What do we do? Where do we do it? If you want to know the answers to any of these questions, there is nothing easier but to visit us and see our world alive. We offer plenty possibilities for secondary schools to come and see our labs, surroundings, classrooms, to meet our teachers, experience university lectures or even try some serious science. One of the most fun examples can be an interactive food workshop led by The Department of Food Technology, where you get to try many food production methods. In the end you leave with your own handmade lollipop, gummy bears and chocolate spread. “Instructive and tasty!” that is our mantra.


Do you wish to participate in solving current scientific problems, become part of one of the established scientific teams working at the faculty and work on modern and highly sophisticated instruments? Yes you can! All you have to do is to apply for an internship in the Secondary School Professional Activity, which we publish annually.


Science must be creative and creativity has no boundaries. If you have any interesting idea on how we could cooperate. If you thing we could help you with fulfilling some of your projects demands. If you want to be our official faculty partner. If you feel like there is more we can do to show you that we are awesome, just let us know. Surely we will find a way to meet!

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