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The Department of Food Technology

“Love food, love science.” This is the motto that the Department of Food Technology lives by, guided through our Bachelor’s programmes in Chemistry and Food Technology and Master’s programme in Food Technology. As you can imagine, many gourmets and lovers of cooking come together here. And no wonder. Sensory evaluation, i.e. the evaluation of various food products through our senses, takes place here on a daily basis. But we also focus on a number of other important aspects of the food industry, among them, of course, food production technology, both of plant and animal origin, as well as the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We investigate the food emulsifiers and stabilizers which you can then study on the packages of your snacks. We also evaluate lab quality as well as deal extensively and extremely “tastefully” with legislation regarding food quality and safety.

By partaking in our degree programmes, you will get an excellent starting point for working in a field which is so dear to the heart of many. If you do not want to leave us after your studies, you will have the opportunity to join our research and become part of a scientific team that boasts world-class results.


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