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Department of Environmental Protection Engineering

About the Department

The Department of Environmental Protection Engineering (DEPE)

If you are interested in working in the laboratory and if you are not indifferent to the future of our planet, our Department of Environmental Protection Engineering will also appeal to you. The department supports education in technology connected to environmental protection, a field which develops knowledge from other specializations and supplements these skills and technologies towards goals connected to long-term ecological sustainability.

Graduates from degree programmes in DEPE leave our department with an extensive range of knowledge in the environmental sciences. They can then become professionals able to perform many functions related to the protection of nature and the reclamation of environmental spaces which have been damaged. The diversity of employment opportunities for our graduates is practically unlimited, as environmental approaches to problem solving will be of paramount importance in the future. These strategies and methods, which will soon be applied in almost all aspects of production, should be of concern to us all.


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