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Department of Fat, Surfactant and Cosmetics Technology

About the Department

Department of Lipids, Surfactants and Cosmetics Technology

The demand for beauty is growing year by year, a fact which is confirmed by the legions of self-made make-up artists that can be found on the internet. In short, the cosmetics business ranks among one of the industries with the highest sales in the world and it possesses tremendous long-term growth potential. These increases in demand are closely connected with the production of lipid-based products, household chemical products, as well as products connected with the burgeoning “car cosmetics” sector. We are fully aware of these trends and we are here to find and create ways of taking advantage of them.

As the one of the only university departments of its kind in this region of Europe and the only one in the Czech Republic, we feature accredited degree courses in the production of cosmetics for which the ingredients cannot be found outside of Czech meadows and groves. There is no need to explain the great advantages that graduates in such a unique field have in the labor market.

What will we teach you? In the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes you will gain comprehensive knowledge throughout a whole range of disciplines such as science, medicine, chemistry and, of course, cosmetics. Thanks to the linking of this study with the Department of Chemistry and Food Technology, you will also achieve expertise in food production, which will further expand your horizons and, thus, the opportunity to earn quite a comfortable living after graduation.


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