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Department of Food Analysis and Chemistry

About the Department

The Department of Food Analysis and Chemistry (DFAC)

Would you like to take your culinary skills to the next level and become a food master? Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? Do you engage in sensory analysis every time you go to a restaurant? Then this is place for you. Here at the Department of Food Analysis and Chemistry we deal with everything necessary for good eating. You can study with us in our Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as doctoral programmes through enrollment in either the degree programme in Technology and Management in Gastronomy or in Food Technology.

And what do we do here? We are interested in the composition of raw materials and their use in food production. In short, we analyze food in all its aspects – chemical, analytical, hygienic and nutritional. In our research we focus on rational nutrition and on the levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients within foodstuffs in relation to their processing and storage, but we are also concerned with issues related to food in crisis situations. We are professionals at solving problems directly related to the food industry, so we often work closely with companies in this sector. If you are interested in everything connected to quality “gastrophysics”, you will love it with us!


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