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Department of Physics and Materials Engineering

About the Department

The Department of Physics and Materials Engineering (DPME)

This department describes itself this way: “People cheerfully explore and fiddle with various materials at DPME, and they also teach physics and physical chemistry.” Simple and to the point. The whole world is made up of materials, and you will get an opportunity to understand and control them all.

What are the structures and properties of various materials, and what influences these structures and properties? How is it best to process, test, examine and combine them? You will learn all this in the Bachelor’s programme in Materials Engineering administered by our institute. In our Master’s programme, you will also become involved in developing new types of materials (for example, for medical practice and tissue engineering). You will also learn to adjust the surface properties of substances, without which much of today’s industry would simply be impossible.

The possibilities of application are as numerous as there are different materials in the world. Yes, that many.


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