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Department of Production Engineering

About the Department

The Department of Production Engineering (DPE)

Our department proudly and successfully educates plastics and engineering technicians, without which the aerospace or automotive industry would not survive even one day. Sounds like a gold mine? Maybe because it is. The demand in the labor market for new professionals in this degree programme is four times higher than the number of graduates that are produced. Perhaps you can calculate that this disproportion creates some great benefits for our graduates when it is time to launch a career.

You will begin with our Bachelor’s programme in Technology Machines and Equipment, from which you can freely move to the engineering Master’s programmes in which the department has its fingers: Production Engineering, Quality Management, or Construction of Technological Equipment. And if all this knowledge is not enough, you can continue to doctoral studies in the specialization Instruments and Processes.

Our manufacturing engineers love “getting their hands dirty” in practice, working closely with various institutions and industries as well as participating in a number of projects organized by renowned companies. Through these activities you will get used to working with state-of-the-art technology – you will be able to produce almost anything you think of. You will have the opportunity to change not only yourself, but even the world. That’s something you won’t find on just any run-of-the-mill CV!


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