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We know that creating a smarter world is a task that needs cooperation and there are many ways we can be mutually beneficial to each other. When it comes to research we can give you a hand in uncountable technical methods and approaches as they relate to the fields of technology you are interested in. To get an idea of the  scientific mysteries we are passionate about, take a look at our specialized departments and their goals. Research is not the only way we can help. As our partner you can:

  • Acquire new employees and trainees.
  • Gain  access to modern technology and research laboratories.
  • Promote your company.
  • Participate in tuition.
  • Initiate research that will evolve your business.

Here are some of our current partners:

Here are some of our current partners:

5M s r.o.
Baťa a.s.
Bosch, s.r.o.
Continental Automotive Systems CR s r.o.
Contipro Group s r.o.
D Plast a.s.
D PLAST a.s.
DLG e.V.
Electric Medical Service s r.o.
Fatra a.s.
FORM, s.r.o.
FOSFA a. s., Břeclav-Poštorná
Gemini a.s.
Greiner packaging s r.o.
Hella Autotechnik
Chronology s.r.o.
ITC-Institut pro testování a certifikaci a.s.
Jelínek Vizovice
JUTA a.s.
Kovárna VIVA
Lacrum Velké Meziřící
Nobilis Tilia
NUTREND D.S., a.s.
NWT s r.o.,
Omega Pharma, a. s.
Pivovar Janáček
Polymer Institute Brno s r.o.
Smartplast s r.o.
Smartplast s.r.o.
SPUR a.s.
SynCare Plus, s. r. o.
Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB
Výzkumný a zkušební ústav letectví a.s.

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