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Life at our faculty is not just teaching and research. We take seriously the claims that science is not just tedium and that technologists are not just naive nerds. Throughout the year we organize so many different types of events that it is really hard not to become involved in all the activities.

From our classic Open House activities, or as they are called here “Days of Open Doors,” and our assorted types of conferences, anniversary festivities and jubilees, we continue to the regular lectures hosted by Science Café Zlín, our annual Science Night, Mystery Lab, Science on Demand, and we could go on …. On the lighter side, we can join in the Academic Slivovitz Tasting and finally wind down the academic year at our spring music festival Apráles.

Maybe you wouldn’t expect all this from a faculty full of “boring” chemists and engineers. Don’t jump to conclusions – we love challenging the stereotypes and breaking down barriers!

The Night of Science |

Science and experiments in the leading role! Our Science Night is one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated events of its kind in our region. Once every year as September ends and October begins we begin in the afternoon and continue into the evening with activities promoting and popularizing science. The secrets of research are revealed to our visitors, who also get a change to scrutinize our labs and try out various experiments on their own. The aim is always to learn something new, to spark a desire to engage in the natural sciences, and especially to have a good time doing so. Our good old Faculty of Technology makes sure everything runs smoothly. Because here we live science.

Science Café |

The Science Café is a place for the informal encounters among scientists and the public in a common search for new questions as well as answers. Scientists as well as people who simply enjoy and are interested in science can discuss the latest scientific findings over a cup of tea or coffee. Established in 2014, the Zlín Science Café takes place every second Thursday of the month at 18:00 on the faculty premises. Sounds good? Well, follow us at our Science Café Facebook page and drop in for a lecture or two. Free coffee, tea and knowledge!

Science Eshop |

The natural sciences are definitely worth looking into. Our lecturers will surely convince you of this with their popular science lectures tailor-made to complement school classes and lessons in physics, biology, chemistry and technology. Teachers as well as secondary school students can arrange a particular course according to their specific wishes and needs via a simple web form. What’s more our lecturers will come to you, absolutely free of charge. Just choose a topic, or think of one of your own.

One statistic that demonstrates the success of this program is the fact that in less than half a year we have received more than 100 bookings! We couldn’t be more delighted.

Mystery Lab at Zlín Film Festival

Mystery Lab is an adventure game for both scientists young an old based on the physical adventure game escape room as well as cryptographic games. Through educational experiments you will follow the extraordinary story of renowned scientist to discover a way to continue and complete his dangerous and exciting research. By the end, who knows? Maybe you will become more than just a scientist. The “side-effects” may include unpredictable experiences, good fun along with a tendency to protect the world. At the 2017 Zlín Film Festival we enriched the world with 2,500 certified new superheroes. Just wait and see what we are preparing for you this year.

Music Festival Apráles

Believe it or not, it’s true. The Faculty of Technology organizes its own music festival, which is a warm-up to the May music celebration Majáles. But this is not your typical day-long concert – lots of surprises are in store, including both popular and alternative musical performers as well as plenty of fun stuff to do.

Because why not?


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