Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Practical Info

Are you new in town? There are some things you might want to know…

First of all. Zlín is an awesome place to be, to enjoy life and to grow old. But sure, if you don’t have that much time a semester or few weeks as an incoming student is just enough to get the good vibes.

To help you through first days, there is a group of super friendly young enthusiasts from Thomas Bata University, who live to help international students with basic formalities as well as accommodation and partying. Check Buddy System Zlin and see how they can brighten your days.

Sure, you need to sleep and eat somewhere. For these occasions see the university cafeterias and halls of residence that are here to serve you.

The best way to enjoy Zlín is just to go out and explore all the shades of our beloved bricks combined with grass and greenery. To help you with that make sure you get one of the best possible items- USE IT map written by locals for you- young travelers! You can either print one, or get a fresh new one from Gallery in U18. For daily local tips follow their Instagram or Facebook page.

And feel warmly welcomed!


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