Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

It is my honour to address all you who have experienced the wonderful feeling when the Chairperson of the Graduation committee announces “You have passed” at the Faculty of Technology at least once. I would be very pleased if this is not the last moment of your several-year relationship with our faculty; on the contrary, it would be great if we fulfil the motto “Once you become part of the academic community of the Faculty of Technology, you remain forever”. You will always matter.

If you decide to become a member of the TBU Alumni Club, I can promise that you will not lose contact with your Alma Mater. More than 1,300 visitors of the first ever reunion of graduates of the Faculty of Technology definitely know. Be there next time!

I look forward to welcome you!

Roman, the Dean

Faculties and departments