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Department of Polymer Engineering

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Department of Polymer Engineering

It is really difficult to explain to the layman what a polymer actually is. It is really difficult to explain how incredibly extensive the use of polymers is in our world. The Department of Polymer Engineering solemnly promises that when you have successfully gone through one of its degree programmes you will be one of the very few who are able to fully appreciate and respect all that surrounds us.

Our department is every bit as old as the faculty, in fact it is even as old as university study itself in Zlín. During its existence it has been able to continuously adapt to the requirements of ever-changing times. This is the case regarding everything from the basic technology involved in leather, plastics and rubber production, all the way to the processing of the very latest start-of-the-art polymer systems. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have established an extensive long-term collaboration with several prominent players in the field, a fact which enables our students to obtain outstanding experience during their studies, thus making it much easier for them to pursue their dream career. We specialize in research the interconnections among the processing, structure and properties of synthetic and natural polymeric materials. In addition, we also deal with the preparation of polymer systems with controlled phase structures and design, the preparation of polymeric nanocomposites, as well as the development of synthetic resins for the aerospace industry. A bright future indeed is in store for our graduates in this field.

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