Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Brief Summary about my trip to Zlín

@netcha_nacuba, international ERASMUS student from Portugal.

Trainee in chemical analysis, specifically in the detailed characterization of enzymatic biogenic amine biosensor based on graphene oxide at Tomas Bata University (UTB) at the Faculty of Technology.

When someone talks to me about getting to know new aspects of life, I immediately think of societies, cultures and the great outdoors. I love the pure air of nature, people make it cozy. For me, this all goes without saying!

I am a black woman and free-spirited, I would like to tell you this story, as it was my first experience in the Czech Republic. Tired from my trip and scared, prejudice mixed with focus and faith, is always at the back of my mind. I was trying to get an idea of how I was going to be accepted by society here, and it all came as a surprise to me. I was well received by the school and friends. On the day of my trip, I was very tired when a young man appeared on the train. He was also going to Zlín and told me “give me your bags and I’ll help you”, and I thought I am not the one… I stopped and looked at him and said he is cool. I said, “thanks.” He secured my suitcase, put it in the storage area and guided me until I reached my destination.

When I got to Zlín I was hugged by a child who came towards me and said “I know you are black, but I like you”. What caught my attention most were her looks, she was real and pure. Children are direct and honest, and I love that because I am too.

This country is so welcoming, with amazing, kind and friendly people and more, not to mention Zlín, which is fantastic. Choosing to come here to study can be and is a very original and good experience, not only to increase your CV (knowledge and language), but to really promote the importance of my/your home “INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO DE BEJA” and “TOMAS BATA UNIVERSITY IN ZLÍN”.

So what I want to say to you is, don’t give up on your dreams!!! Because it is dreams which make you better than yesterday. All the different colors of the universe, flags, etc. do not matter at all. It is interesting to give a little bit of what is ours and get a little bit of what is yours. It is a very good experience. Make it happen, live it and be it.

##Thanks to @UTB ZLIN; @INSTITUTO POLITECNICO DE BEJA and My Buddy@malikovapav.

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