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From the first steps at the airport to your Engineering degree!

Stephen comes from Ghana, he has recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Polymer Engineering at the Faculty of Technology. How was his journey in those two years?

Before my departure, I was super excited and also sad at the same time so in all, I would say it was kind of a mixed feeling. I was happy to be surrounded by the most valuable people in my life before I left the shores of Ghana.

Upon my arrival in Zlin, what came to me as a way of shock was firstly the weather. I felt so cold and my lips were just shaking as if I was immersed in an ice. Goosebumps were spread all over my skin. Well I wasn‘t surprised considering my outfit I was wearing during my first time in the Czech Republic. Another shocking thing I experienced was a bit of cultural shock. Well most Czechs are a little reserve but as a foreigner when you try to communicate with them in their native language, they try to appreciate the fact that you are trying so hard to speak Czech with them

Life in Zlin, was one of my amazing experiences I had during my studies. Going for hiking, weekend trips, parties and events sometimes organized by the buddy system and other organizations were something I am never going to forget about. I mostly spend some time with my friends Nathalka and Honza during some trips. Going for some workout session either in the gym or an open workout ground was one of the things I mostly did with Honza and not forgetting, most of my African markets we attended together.

On the main issue relating to my journey to Zlin in particular, which was to study, UTB met my expectations and even more than what I anticipated. Availability of reading materials, ultramodern library and state-of-the-art laboratories making studies very easy and comfortable. The kind of support, counselling and guidance I received from professors played a major instrument to successfully completing my studies. Not forgetting my amazing study coordinator Mirka Milickova. She was there with me from the start and took me through thick and thin to be able to finally complete my studies. I find myself lucky to be among amazing people. Well, like they say, angels do live among humans.

I also had the opportunity to go on Erasmus in Belgium and I did enjoy every bit of it through the help of my study coordinator who assisted me through the process. I must say, it was so easy and not even stressful. I will definitely recommend going on Erasmus to everyone reading this.

Stephen’s blog about his Erasmus experience in Gent, Belgium:

On my final thesis, I had the opportunity to be supervised by one of our abled professors, Prof. Ing Pavel Mokrejs, PhD on an interesting project topic, ‘‘Collagen as an untraditional source from laying Hens  head‘‘. During these times, I learnt so much, and also gained a lot of technical experiences both in research field and study related field

My plans for the future will definitely be returning to Zlin to commence my PhD and also complete it successfully. There is so much to learn and I believe UTB provides me this opportunity of making my dreams a REALITY.

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