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Food Technology new labs

Our Food Labs Have a New home!

Do you love science and food? Are you going to start your Food Technology studies in September? You have something to look forward to!

The forgotten rooms in U2 building were transformed into our new labs. Take a look at the photos below. Our „foodies“ students and staff will have the professional laboratories which they dreamed of starting in the new semester.

Our brand new research centre perfectly simulates an actual food processing plant and offers a wide range of technological approaches for processing and analysing food. You can look forward not only to specialised equipment and a fully modernised scientific environment.

What kind of laboratories can you expect?

  • Laboratory of not fermented dairy product production
  • Laboratory of fermented dairy product production
  • Laboratory of thermized and processed dairy product production
  • Laboratory of cultured cheeses production
  • Laboratory of not fermented meat product production
  • Laboratory of fermented meat product production
  • Laboratory of plant origin food production
  • Laboratory of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage production
  • Laboratory of food sensory analysis
  • Laboratory of  food chemical analyses
  • Laboratory of  microbiological analyses
  • Laboratory of applied food principles
  • Laboratory of food analysis
  • Laboratory of the physical properties of food
  • Laboratory of food products

During the holidays, we will settle into our new establishment and then hurray!

PS,  By the way the U2 building has its own snack bar making it convenient for you to satisfy your hunger pangs.

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