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Degree Studies

Studying a Degree programme is basically the most common way to attend a university. If you choose to study any of them, it means you are about to stay here for few years and end up with an academic title. At TBU you can attend degree study programmes in English or Czech.

Degree Studies in English

Our faculty offers English degree studies only in master or doctoral forms.
You can find more detailed info about each programme by clicking on its title.

Duration: 4 semesters (2 academic years)
Mode of study: full-time

Polymer Engineering
Key subjects: Plastics Technology, Polymer Testing, Natural and Synthetic Polymer Composites, Polymers and Technology, Advanced Materials and Technologies

Duration: 8 semesters (4 academic years)
Mode of study: full-time / part time

Technology of Macromolecular Compounds
Research specialization: Chemistry, Technological Processes, Computing and Information Technology, Polymeric Materials, Polymers.

Food Technology
Research specialization: Trends in Food Technology, Trends in Biotechnology, Biochemical Processes in Foodstuffs, Advanced Food Microbiology, Food Rheology, Advanced Food Packaging.

Tools and Processes
Research specialization: Process Engineering, Polymer Products.

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Degree Studies in Czech

If you wish to study Degree programme in Czech, there are so many more course options for you. Sure, first of all you need to learn fluent Czech at least on level B2. To achieve that an Intensive Czech Laguage Course can be very helpful.
Then you can choose from all the range of courses offered here.


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