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Summer traineeship experience in Zlín

Zélie was a trainee who came from ESCOM Chimie, France to conduct a summer traineeship at the Department of Physics and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Technology, TBU in Zlín. How was her experience and what did she do in our labs? Read her report below:

I really liked staying in Zlín, I didn’t expect so much, it was a really good surprise for me. I think I can describe Zlín as a nice, green and welcoming city. People here are friendly and beer is cheap! I already look forward to coming back to the Czech Republic with some friends or my family for them to see this place!

I would just recommend to future Erasmus students and trainees who will sleep in U12 dorms to be well conditioned for climbing the hill with their big suitcase/luggage ? (but they will be rewarded by the great view from there).

About TBU, I think it’s a great university with nice buildings and facilities. I think the labs are equipped quite well with new technology facilities such as 3D printers. Working in TBU’s Faculty of Technology laboratories has been a good experience for me: I have never done the experiments I did here, so it was new and interesting to me.

Interesting indeed, I worked on sodium alginate hydrogel and used a 3D printer to create my sample. The aim of my internship was to determine and compare the properties of different hydrogel samples (reinforced with different nanoparticles and printed by different means) to determine which kind of sample could have the best behaviour in the human body as biomedical applications for bone tissue engineering.

I was happy with this internship because as I worked in university labs and not in a company, I discovered “the world of research” and a different way to work and to understand results.

It was, also, my first time ever abroad alone and I could not have expected a better place than TBU and Zlín to experience that. Thanks to this Erasmus internship I met people from different countries and I improved my English. I warmly recommend that everybody experience life as a foreigner in a country of their liking.

We also went to several nice places around Zlín. My favourites were the city of Kromeriz and Lukov castle. ?

Zélie Charuel – letní stážistka 2021 z ESCOM

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