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The best laboratory experience in Zlín!

Maria is a student from Poznan University of Technology, Poland. She is studying for a Master’s Degree in Chemical  Technology with a specialization in Polymer Technology. She decided to do her Erasmus+ study stay in Zlín, and she was kind enough to answer our questions.


Why did you choose to study at Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU)?

In fact, I chose TBU because my university has an agreement with your university. In the beginning, I didn’t want to go to Zlín, because it is very close to Poland. I wished to go to countries that do not neighbor Poland, but I said to myself, hmmm, let me check out the subjects. The subjects were amazing! They were the best from the universities with which we have an agreement. That’s why I chose Zlín.

Were you happy about your choice?

Yes, I like laboratories. Here in Zlín, we do lots of work/research in small groups, and the teachers are always helpful. We do not have so many machines at my university and such wonderful opportunities like you do in Zlin.

I was also amazed by your previous experiences abroad. Can you tell us more about it?

For me, experiences are the most valuable thing. I wanted to do practical studies abroad. I was already in Switzerland in Fachhoschule in Windisch for half a year. I was working at the university, and we had an industrial project. Then I went to South Korea for my second internship abroad. I was working at the Korea Institute of Energy Research. I was doing experiments with Si nanoparticles, mostly for a drug delivery system. I also worked in two factories in Poland, a chocolate, and a chewing gum factory. This was a different kind of experience. I prefer working with polymers.

What are your plans now after the Zlín experience?

I am going to Spain. I am going to work at DOW and do my Master’s Thesis connected with TBU. This is a great opportunity for me! Plus, I am going to be studying and working in another country abroad.

You decided to do your Erasmus in 2020. Don’t you regret this decision?

No, I don’t. I only regret that I did not do this earlier. I should have done it during my Bachelor’s studies, rather than in the last year of my Master’s.

You came here in September. Weren’t you worried about how the classes will be?

Mirka told me that the classes would be taught normally. I was shocked because, at my home university, everything was closed, and everything was online. So for me, it was a good opportunity to gain some practical experience at the university. So it was better to be in Zlín.

Are you going to share your Zlín experience with your colleagues in Poland when you return?

Yes, I will. In Poland, we have meetings for students interested in Erasmus studies, and for sure, I will recommend TBU Zlín to them. Most of my colleagues do not want to go to Zlín, because it is so close to Poland, but it is worth it! Czechia is such a beautiful country, they have mountains, and my favorite sport is skiing, so I can’t wait to ski here.

There is also a ski slope in Zlín, and it should be opened this year. So you can ski here in the city.

Oh, that is great! I am looking forward to doing it!


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