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PhD Programmes

PhD Programmes

Level of Study – Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies are intended for true enthusiasts who want to accomplish something completely new in the field. They enjoy making discoveries and exploring new things, and they are just at home in the lab as they are in their own residence. This programme normally takes four more years after the Master’s degree. After passing the final state doctoral exam and the successful defense of your doctoral thesis, you will be awarded the esteemed degree of “Ph.D.”

And what else makes doctoral studies worth it, that is, apart from your newly acquired knowledge and wisdom? You also earn money at the same time. Doctoral candidates are honored with a monthly scholarship, currently in the amount of CZK 5,300 / month (EUR 207). But that’s not all. By joining research projects, you can earn CZK 15,000 (EUR 588) per month on average. Not bad, right?

At this level of study, we offer three degree programmes, all of which are available both in Czech and in English. All the specializations can be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis:

Doctoral Thesis Topics 2017/2018
The list of possible topics is not yet complete. Please check this page at a later time.

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