Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Partner Institutions


There is no such thing as a List of Partner Institutions for the Freemover programme. The whole world is opened to  you. With Freemover programme you can plan your semester abroad at any university around the world. Same thing works when you decide for a traineeship instead of a student exchange. There is only one tiny ”but“- your home faculty/department and the foreign university must consent and agree to this partnership. Each foreign university has its rules for the acceptance of Freemovers – some do not accept them at all, others require them to pay tuition fees and others openly welcome Freemovers.

Lucky for you, we welcome them all!

The easiest way to arrange your stay is to contact our coordinator who will  help you  deal with all the documents. Application details that might concern you, are answered here.

Faculties and departments