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Food Technology

Topic and AnnotationTutor
Natural antioxidants and their application in foodstuff technologyprof. Ing. Lubomír Lapčík, CSc.
The study of multiple emulsions for foodstuff application as functional foodsdoc. Mgr. Barbora Lapčíková, Ph.D.
Changes in properties of bakery products during fortification with edible insect materialdoc. Ing. Jiří Mlček, Ph.D.
Analysis of selected herbal teas with regard to technological processingdoc. Ing. Jiří Mlček, Ph.D.
Fermented and unfermented natural fruit and vine beveragesdoc. Ing. Jiří Mlček, Ph.D.
Production of food containing lichen as a non-traditional raw materialsdoc. Ing. Daniela Sumczynski, Ph.D.
Decarboxylase activity of selected bacteria in fooddoc. RNDr. Leona Buňková, Ph.D.
Reduction of biogenic amines content in model systems and foodsdoc. RNDr. Leona Buňková, Ph.D.
Application of bacteriocins in food industrydoc. RNDr. Leona Buňková, Ph.D.
Study of properties of compounds of selected elements for the possibilities of their speciation in selected types of beverages and raw materials intended for their productiondoc. Ing. Miroslav Fišera, CSc.
Study of the correlation of the content of minerals and substances with antioxidant effect in non-traditional types of fooddoc. Ing. Miroslav Fišera, CSc.
Food Packaging with Active Component and Possibility of UsageMgr. Magda Janalíková, Ph.D.
The impact of selected ingredients addition on the functional properties of dairy productsIng. Richardos Nikolaos Salek, Ph.D.

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