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Polymer Centre

When most people think of polymers, the first thing that comes to mind is plastic or rubber. Do you know that there are also wax, meat and wood polymers, and that in fact a polymer does not have to be a solid at all? At the Polymer Centre we understand all too well the implications of all this and We know that providing such a wide range of knowledge and skills also means a wider range of opportunities for our graduates.

In terms of education, we focus mainly on doctoral students since we are primarily the research facility of the faculty. Our work focuses on the field of polymer composite structures. It can be said that we combine various substances to create new materials with the pre-designated characteristics that we need – in short, materials which would never have come into existence without this specific combination of elements. (Now you’re a little wiser!)

If your newly acquired knowledge of composites is not enough and you want to indulge further in professional terminology, here are some other things we deal with: the rheology of polymer melts and suspensions, electrorheology, unstable polymeric fluxes, physical aging, percolation phenomena, molecular electronics, biodegradable polymers, interfacial phenomena, as well as intelligent polymeric material expression. (Pretty tempting, right?)

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